ARA Research & Consultancy is specialized in a number of researches. ARA has developed innovative techniques and approaches that made ARA the leading company in Customer Satisfaction and Mystery Shopping, and in complex researches such as Industrial Research.

Mystery Shopping Program


AMIR, or ARA Mystery Shopping and Internet Reporting, is designed to ensure the compliance of your front liners with the highest and most advanced service standards.


Our well trained mystery shoppers act as real customers and evaluate the performance of a company’s staff and other services in order to compare them with quality standards and requirements.


AMIR goes beyond research results and is combined with ARA Research & Consultancy’s deep expertise in creating a comprehensive program that deals with resistance to the Mystery Shopper report results.


We create a program that aims at motivating employees to buy into the MS program through offering necessary training and through developing quality parameters that fit the local market needs. Moreover, we make use of state-of-the-art technology, thus providing a comprehensive web enabled report which combines efficiency, speed, ease of use and reliability to clients. Clients can access the report anytime and anywhere and view it in any format they would like.