ARA Research & Consultancy is specialized in a number of researches. ARA has developed innovative techniques and approaches that made ARA the leading company in Customer Satisfaction and Mystery Shopping, and in complex researches such as Industrial Research.

Real Estate Studies


ARA Research & Consultancy is the first marketing research firm in the Middle East to provide real estate developers with a portfolio of specialized studies. Our offer includes:

  • Understanding of geographic extent and characteristics of store patronage.

  • Competitive analysis.

  • Evaluating market penetration and market gap analysis.

  • Identifying/quantifying effects of cannibalization.

  • Developing and exploiting demographic profiles.

  • Real estate survey on vital sectors; residential, commercial, offices towers and all projects under construction.

CDMP (Conceptual Designs from Marketing Perspective): The right tool for improving ROI by “marketizing” the Master Plan. The development of the CDMP includes the following main steps:

  • Development of the concept’s definition for the assigned project.

  • Analysis of the master plan to propose improvements and amelioration.

  • Analysis of the space programs by proposing suitable elements and recommended tenant mix and provide survey data for selected categories.