ARA Research & Consultancy is specialized in a number of researches. ARA has developed innovative techniques and approaches that made ARA the leading company in Customer Satisfaction and Mystery Shopping, and in complex researches such as Industrial Research.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

ARA Research & Consultancy’s has offered Customer Satisfaction services for numerous years now. Our expertise in Customer Satisfaction may be best seen in the growth in the customer satisfaction scores of our clients who used our propriety tool, the CUSTRACK.


We have established measures to ensure the well-handling and confidentiality of customers’ data, managing their complaints and enabling corrective actions. The CUSTRAK is made to bridge the gap between customer expectations and company offerings, therefore guaranteeing a long-term and profitable business.


Our CUSTRACK is able to:

  • Provide customers with a voice to express their satisfaction and needs.

  • Determine a company’s weak areas.

  • Show progress and prioritize actions for improvement.

  • Make informed decisions about how a company can improve customer loyalty, retention and advocacy rates.

  • Online reporting that analyzes the data and report findings in a timely manner.