ARA is a pioneer in using facts and figures to offer insightful and well-informed advice for decision makers in order to help them achieve their objectives. ARA brings together consultancy with research which has proven time and again to provide clients with applicable and effective advice on the one hand, and track the implementation of the set plans on the other.


Business Excellence


At ARA we offer consultancy services that will aid companies to achieve better business results through setting quality parameter and manuals for customer touch points, training employees on quality standards and monitoring performance, and setting motivation programs for improving business excellence.


  • Setting quality parameters and manuals for customer touch points.

  • Training employees on quality standards and monitor performance.

  • Set motivation programs for improving business excellence.


Real Estate Insights (REI)


ARA REI aims to bring together the objectives of the developers, the market needs, and construction constraints. We also offer trade area analysis of the neighborhood, traffic flow, and competition in order to maximize profit and feasibility. We offer a wide range of services that include:


  • Conceptual designs from a marketing perspective, the right tool for improving ROI using an effective marketing strategy.

  • Providing vital indicators on rent rate, vacancies and analyzing market trends.

  • Writing the concept definition of the real estate project.

  • Reviewing proposed master plans and recommend amelioration techniques.

  • Improve the attraction of the project through proposing suitable and unique elements.

  • Recommend the most profitable and suitable tenant mix.

  • Propose solutions to restrictions or anticipate concerns on the concepts when restrictions are unavoidable.


Marketing & Communication Strategy Development


At ARA we use extensive research methods in order to develop effective marketing strategies through preparing communication plans, assessing communication agency performance, tracking advertisement success and improving impact.


Internal Communication Enhancement


ARA works on enhancing internal communication throughout the company through unifying internal branding, enhancing moral standards, improving internal communication, and diagnosing company atmosphere.


Business Intelligence, Customer Segmentation & Predictive Analysis


ARA Research & Consultancy is one of the first companies in the Middle East to offer Business Intelligence based on internal data organization. ARA Consultants begin by conducting a full data understanding, data organization and gap analysis. This exercise on the internal data enables:


  • Building customer segmentation 

  • Customer value score 

  • Profitability to buy 

  • Churn identification