Consumer Confidence Index Lebanon

On account of its interest for monitoring the economic situation "ARA Research & Consultancy" issues a monthly Consumer Confidence Index, in collaboration with the press and under the sponsorship of reputable trademarks. The Consumer Confidence Index is considered as the only indicator that measures the Consumers' psychological factors, based on people's opinions and their prospects about the current economic situation and its future as well as their expectations regarding their financial conditions, and how that reflects on their purchasing power. The Consumer Confidence Index is issued the first week of each month, and is based on quantitative research, distributed among the different nationalities and place of residency. The study is conducted by telephone interviews (CATI) through a random call selection, taking into account that the distribution of the sample is representative of the population.


The general Consumer Confidence Index is based on six indices which the researchers at ARA use to measure the level of the consumer satisfaction and optimism.


  • Current Economic Situation Index

  • Expected Economic Situation Index

  • Current Personal Income Index

  • Expected Personal Income Index

  • Current Security Situation Index

  • Purchase of Durables Index


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